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Winfield, Missouri

Roeslers Kennels

About Roeslers Kennels

We have been in the dog boarding business and licensed for over 20 years.
We are happy to say our prices started out as $10 a day and our slogan has always been $10 A DAY ANY SIZE DOG. We still have that after all these years, but now we do offer Larger areas for just a little bit more money. Only you know your dog and can decide what size kennel your dog(s) will be happiest in. Many small dogs prefer the smallest kennels as it keeps them nice and cozy and they still can go outside to their own private area.

For those Giant Breeds we have Super Deluxe that measure 5 feet wide and the outside run is 10 feet long, So it gives them plenty of space and two Giant dogs can fit with even extra space to spare!

Our Super Deluxe kennels are the only size kennels that we allow 3 dogs to share, no matter what breeds they are. Still affordable at $25 first dog and $15 per each 2nd and 3rd.

You NEVER have any other fees unless you chose to get the extra services.


Roeslers Kennels

Roeslers Kennels

Roeslers Kennels

Roeslers Kennels


Small Kennel

$10 a day 2nd dog sharing $5 a day extra. These kennels are for dogs that are under 25 lbs come with dog beds

Daily $10.00 / day


$10 a day second dog sharing $5 extra a day. These are for dogs that are 25-35 pounds. only one medium dog NON CHEWER. NO PIT BULLS, HUSKYS OR CHOWS in these kennels. Comes with bedding

Daily $10.00 / day

Large Kennel ONE dog only

$10 a day. Large dog one dog only. These kennels are more narrow than our Large Deluxe and Super Deluxe. Only allowing 1 large dog in them. Comes with bedding

Daily $10.00 / day

Large Kennel Deluxe

$15 a day second dog sharing is $10 extra a day. These Kennels are for large and Extra large dogs, the dog doors are much taller. Every deluxe kennel has bedding. Pits Chows Huskies also here.

Daily $15.00 / day

Super Deluxe

$25 a day second and third dogs sharing are $15 each a day. These are perfect for Giant Breeds. Up to 3 dogs in each. Come with Bedding or a raised cot. Any size dog can book this kennel.

Daily $25.00 / day

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions are as follows.
By going forward and making your reservation, you agree that there is a $30 NON Refundable Deposit per kennel that will go towards your bill for that reservation. That $30 deposit is non-transferable. If you Cancel and it is 7 days or less you agree that we can charge your card in FULL.
If you pick up early there are no refunds so know your dates that are needed.
Roeslers Kennels is not responsible for any injuries, sickness, vet bills, escapes, that may occur our property is fully fenced and we agree to do everything possible in our opinion to keep your animal(s) safe. If you book to have your dog(s) picked up by our shuttle service and if you are not there when we arrive on the date agreed that you will not only pay the shuttle fee but you will pay for your reservation in full and we will take the money from your credit card on file. MAKE SURE YOU AGREE OR PLEASE DO NOT BOOK A RESERVATION.
If your dog becomes sick or injured, we ask that you have a credit card on file for that dog to be cared for by a vet or whatever instructions you give us in writing when you drop off.