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Terms & Conditions

We are a mobile service and as such there is No Pick Up location. The Equipment will typically be delivered to YOU and picked up from YOU at your Waikiki hotel at no extra charge. We can usually accommodate pickup and drop off times between 7:00 am and 10:00pm 7-Days a week including holidays. After hours or Early Morning delivery/pickup times can usually be accommodated within the Waikiki area - Call our mobile number (808-384-0292) to arrange for these times.

We also offer free delivery and pick up of our rental equipment throughout the greater Honolulu area - from Hawaii Kai through Waikiki and up to, but not including, the Honolulu International Airport area - Due to Heightened Security measures and State of Hawaii Non-Airport tenant vendor restrictions that are enforced at the Honolulu International Airport we are no longer able to deliver or pick up equipment at the Honolulu International Airport.

We will meet with you at the point of delivery to go over the operation of the equipment and fill out the required Security Deposit Waiver Form (see below for more information on the Security Deposit Waiver Form). If this form is not filled out in its entirety, The equipment will not be released. This form must be completed prior to your rental if you wish to pick up the equipment from an alternate location, wish to have the equipment mailed/shipped to meet you at your destination or be left at the Front Desk of the hotel you are registered at.

There is No Pick Up Location. We are a Mobile Service. As a Mobile Service we do not operate out of a traditional office location so there is no pick up location..

However, we have a relationship with Gadget Guyz at 705 Queen St.. They will allow you to drop off the equipment at their location at the completion of your rental. There is no inventory of modems held at the Gadget Guyz kiosk, hence, no pickups can be accomodated. Since we are a Mobile Service, you must make prior arrangements to meet us at and/or return the equipment to the "Gadget Guyz" office located at 705 Queen Street, Honolulu. If you just show up at the Gadget Guyz Kiosk to pick up equipment that you have reserved IT WILL NOT BE THERE. The Gadget Guyz shop is located at 705 Queen Street. The office is normally open from 9:00 am through 6:00 pm Monday through Wednesday and Friday, 11:00 am - 3:00 pm on Saturdays. And closed on Thursday and Sunday.

A confirming email for the entire rental period (including the Delivery and Return service) will be sent to your email address. In order to confirm your reservation, and delivery services, ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE through the online PayPal payment option using a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card. If no payment is received with the reservation, IT WILL NOT BE CONFIRMED.

However, payment can also be arranged to be made (with prior approval) at the point of delivery of the rental equipment. If you wish to request payment to be made at the point of delivery, Select the Cash or Check Option as your form of payment AND state in the Comments field that you are requesting to make payment at the point of delivery. We can also email you an online invoice with payment instructions for you to pay online if you are having a problem with the PayPal system or you prefer to not use the PayPal credit Card processing system.

Once your form of payment has been verified you will receive an email confirming your reservation payment.

For the "Delivery Service" and/or "Pickup/Return Service" we will contact you via email to confirm the time and location details of the arrangement.

If any of the components of the various equipment packages are returned damaged, incomplete or not returned at the end of your rental period you will be charged an additional equipment replacement fee of $405.00USD to $2,000.00USD depending on which equipment package you rented. This fee will be secured with your credit card by filling out our Security Deposit Waiver Form (By filling out our Security Deposit Waiver Form your card WILL NOT be charged in advance for this fee. It will only be charged if the equipment is returned damaged or not returned at all.) -OR- with a cash deposit. If the equipment package/outfit is returned with damaged or missing components you will be charged for these components. The replacement cost schedule for these individual components is listed on the Security Deposit Waiver Form.

Should you need to extend your rental please contact us immediately in order to avoid being charged the replacement fee.

The 4G LTE Mobile Personal Wi-Fi Hot Spot package includes a portable AirCard (aka MiFi/Jetpack) unit, rechargeable battery, USB cable, AC USB Charger, Car USB charger and a carry case. The equipment replacement fee for this package is $405.00USD.

The 4G LTE Ethernet Port Router with integrated Multi-Band LTE Modem outfit includes a Cradlepoint IBR650™LPE or CBA750B-LPE Indoor Single Ethernet Port Router with integrated Multi-Band LTE Modem, an AC power supply, a 25' ethernet cable and a carry case. The equipment replacement fee for this package is $880.00USD.

The 4G LTE Fixed Wireless Modem with Built-in Wi-Fi package includes a Cradlepoint IBR600™LPE Indoor Wi-Fi Router with integrated Multi-Band LTE Modem, an AC power supply, a 25' ethernet cable and a carry case. The equipment replacement fee for this package is $930.00USD.

The High-Gain Outdoor Fixed Wireless Transceiver package includes the High-Gain Transceiver, a six foot stand, 25 feet of CAT6 Ethernet cable, an AC power supply and a Power Over Ethernet injector. The equipment replacement fee for this package is $2,000.00USD.

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